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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) Full Movie Two androids "Super Hero" Piccolo and Gohan

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie INFO

Release Date:
Rating: 4.5
Directed by
Tetsuro Kodama
Written by
Akira Toriyama, Toshio Furukawa
Based on
Masako Nozawa, Toshio Furukawa, Yûko Minaguchi, Ryô Horikawa, Aya Hisakawa, Mayumi Tanaka, Miki Itô, Takeshi Kusao, Aya Hirano, Ken Uo, Ryûzaburô Ôtomo, Kôichi Yamadera
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Toei Company, 20th Century Studios, Fox International Productions
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero left us with a lot of new elements Super Hero to highlight in Akira Toriyama's franchise. But without a doubt, one of the most outstanding was the transformation of Beast Gohan.

How to watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) Full Movie premieres on Monday , October 3.

A hidden power deep inside the young Saiyan's heart was unleashed to resolve the terrible threat posed by Cell Max, a bio-android developed by the Red Patrol.

The film has been a complete success in theaters in Japan, Spain, the United States and Latin America, reaching the top of the franchise itself. And because we are talking about a film made in 2022, it has the presence of the use of CGI.

For the most purist fans of Dragon Ball this is equivalent to a kick in the face. Those who grew up with the series in the nineties are faithful defenders of the old 2D. Therefore, on the networks we constantly find designs that recall that time.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero 2022 Two androids Tetsuro Kodama Release Date

Movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has enjoyed quite a bit of success in many countries around the world and the most recent update of the world's Movie sales page – Box Office Mojo has revealed a super The unbelievable record of the latest Movie in the Dragon Ball series makes everyone scared.

Accordingly, the total revenue of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Colombia has reached $ 172,596,926 (VND 4.11 trillion), which means Colombia alone has double the revenue of the rest of the world. If this is true, this is an unprecedented super record in the history of world cinema.

However, this "super-revenue" is actually an error from Box Office Mojo, because they often update on weekends. A group of Dragon Ball fans from Spain discovered and reported to the homepage over a week ago but the error is still there (and most likely the factoring). Many fans believe that because the revenue in Colombia is too small, usually only fluctuates at 1-2 million USD, Box Office Mojo has changed the number to compare with the case of Movie that has created a lot of Memes as " Morbius".

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date, How To Watch, News

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a 2022 Japanese martial arts fantasy/adventure anime series, directed by the Tetsuro Kodama series and produced by Toei Animation Toriyama. It is the 21st Dragon Ball feature film overall, and also the fourth film to be produced directly starring Toriyama, the second film under the Dragon Ball Super franchise, to be produced primarily with animation. 3D. The film follows Piccolo and his former student Gohan as they go on a mission to save the world from the newly reformed Red Ribbon Army.

The latest movie in the Dragon Ball Super series seems to be the least successful movie in terms of sales in the Japanese market. After 3 weeks of release, more than 1.6 billion yen (VND 283 billion) has been collected from the domestic market, but this revenue is only half that of at least the last 3 movies of the "Dragon Ball" franchise. ” after the same release time.

When will Toei Company Movie 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' be on Netflix?

However, in contrast to being estranged at home, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero seems to "do well" in the international market. After only 10 days, the worldwide total of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has reached more than 7 billion yen, far surpassing what this Movie struggled for more than 2 months in the Japanese market. At the same time, this is the only anime franchise that always owns foreign sales surpassing domestic, except for the case of Pokemon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998), when Pokemon was at that time the industry leader. anime industry.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero 3D Beast Gohan

This is the case of this illustration that is published in a review of Hobby Consoles. The design is made by the famous cartoonist named Fenyo, one of the official Dragon Ball artists.

On his Twitter he accumulates a mass of almost 130,000 followers whom he amazes with this type of illustration. We show you, first of all, that of Beast Gohan 2D.

You might find it better than the CGI one. But the reality is that the one that appears in the film also leaves you surprised.

The truth is that Fenyo's work Piccolo and Gohan is wonderful. In his networks, he does nothing more than share his designs with the mass of followers of Dragon Ball.

Moonage Daydream left the scene, it's up to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to lead the Italian ranking. The animated film debuted yesterday with € 213,000 and an average of 668, followed in second place by another debut: Siccità by Paolo Virzì, which grossed € 55,866 with an average of 169, for a total, with the previews, of 137,082. Third Avatar, which yesterday raised another 53,114 euros (-85%) with an average of 205, for a total of 2,090,004.

Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Today

Several debuts in the Top 10 yesterday: in fifth position we find Smile, with 41,616 euros and an average of 197. Sesto Dante, with 38,953 euros and an average of 133. In seventh place Murder in the West End, with 25,781 euros and an average of 115. Ninth, finally, All aboard, with 10,038 euros and an average of 50.

Outside the Top 10 we also find Anne Frank and the secret diary, sixteenth with 3,384 euros and an average of 24, and La notte del 12, twenty-third with 1,738 euros and an average of 76.

Yesterday the total proceeds were 572,454 euros (-52% compared to the previous Thursday), 86,527 admissions and 2,388 theaters. A year ago, Thursday 30 September 2021, the total proceeds were € 823,289. Yesterday there was therefore a -30.47%.

1 - DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO: 213,000 euros (30,543 spectators) 319 screens / 668 media - Tot. 213,000 1GG

2 - DROUGHT: € 55,866 (8,756 spectators) 331/169 - Tot. 137,082 1GG

3 - AVATAR: 53,114 euros (6,837 spectators) 259/205 - Tot. 2,090,004

4 - DON'T WORRY DARLING: 49,089 euros (7,442 spectators) 322/152 - Tot. 1,262,078

5 - SMILE: 41,616 euros (5,958 spectators) 211/197 - Tot. 41,616 1GG

6 - DANTE: 38,953 euros (6,403 spectators) 293/133 - Tot. 38,953 1GG

7 - MURDER IN THE WEST END: 25,781 euros (4,055 spectators) 225/115 - Tot. 25,781 1GG

8 - I EAT YOU MY HEART: 10,727 euros (1,786 spectators) 109/98 - Tot. 350,774

9 - ALL ON BOARD: 10,038 euros (1,731 spectators) 201/50 - Tot. 10,038 1GG

10 - THE LORD OF THE ANTS: 8,206 euros (1,294 spectators) 71/116 - Tot. 1,465,065

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie was surprising and brought in a possible romantic interest for Lord Bills: Cheelai. But after all, is he really interested in her?

Fox International Plus Device Support Doragon bôru sûpâ: Sûpâ hîrô

Yes, Lord Bills is romantically interested in Cheelai. In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Beerus woke up from his four-month slumber when he discovered that Goku had brought Broly to his planet.

At that time, Beerus was extremely displeased with Goku, however, he was distracted when Lemo brought him some food he had just cooked. Bills was quick to sample the food and took an interest in Lemo's cuisine. That's when Cheelai, who had stolen some stuff from Bills' house, came into the picture.

When Will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Be Available to Stream?

She was carrying a huge bag full of stolen things when Bills saw her. Cheelai, who was obviously terrified of being caught, looked at him worriedly, which made Bills completely enchanted by her seductive eyes. He lost control of himself as he dropped the shell he was holding.

Bills praised Cheelai for her looks, calling her "cute". He then allowed Lemo and Cheelai to stay on his planet for as long as they wanted. His interest in Cheelai was evident by the way her tail moved.

Later, after they all had a feast at the castle, everyone except Lemo returned to the training grounds. Lemo stayed behind to wash the dishes. This time, Goku and Vegeta were ready for a fight, which Broly had to watch to get some battle instincts.

Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

During this fight, Whis proposed eating the ice cream Vegeta brought with him as dessert. So when Cheelai offered to go get him, Bills took the opportunity to go with her. This was undoubtedly Bills' attempt at being a gentleman and also spending some alone time with her.

Later, when Bills grabbed several bowls of ice cream and saw Lemo still doing the dishes, he asked him to join them for ice cream as well. While there is a chance that Bills took a liking to Lemo for his cooking, he never willingly shared his food with others. It makes us wonder if Bills was trying to paint a good picture of himself in front of Cheelai.

Beerus' final gesture to Cheelai was seen in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero when they were eating ice cream while watching Goku and Vegeta fight. Their fight caused a large splash of water to nearly fall on them as Bills formed a protective dome to protect them from the water.

6 7/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 6.8

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